Live Microsystems was founded in 1983 and has been publicly traded since 1994.  Originally founded as Natural Microsystems, the company later changed its name to NMS Communications, Inc. and traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol (NASDAQ:NMSS).  After the sale of its hardware business to Dialogic in 2008, the company changed its name to Livewire Mobile, Inc. and traded on the NASDAQ and later the OTC Markets under the symbol LVWR.  

Through its history, the company has made multiple strategic acquisitions including InnoMediaLogic, Inc. in 2000, Openera Technologies in 2006, Groove Mobile in 2008, and Fonestarz Media Group in 2010.

Recently, the company has announced the sale of its operating businesses to OnMobile Global Ltd. in a transaction anticipated in this release.  As part of this asset sale, the company is transferring the trade name and marks associated with "Livewire" to OnMobile and is in the process of changing its name to "Live Microsystems, Inc".  Live Microsystems continues to trade on the limited disclosure tier of OTCMarkets under (OTCMarkets: LVWR).  We intend to change our trading symbol at the time the name change becomes effective to (OTCMarkets: LMSC).

Questions or inquiries concerning the carrier services business formerly known as "Livewire" should be addressed to OnMobile Global Ltd.  Questions or inquiries concerning the hardware businesses of the former NMS Communications, Inc. should be addressed to Dialogic, Inc.

Live Microsystems manages its legacy corporate operations and works to maximize the value of its cash and other assets for the benefit of its shareholders.